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About CSSD

The Center for Security Studies and Development (CENSSAD) is a strategic institution established in 2014 with the view to promoting security sector governance and enhancing civil-security relations as a way of contributing to long-term socio-economic and political stability in Liberia in particular and West Africa in general. Given the cross-territorial dimension of development and security, CENSSAD’s vision and mission transcend the frontiers of Liberia to include the West African sub-region. The Centre works to enhance an efficient security sector which is accountable to the people and underpinned by the acknowledgement that security, development and the rule of law are essential preconditions for sustainable peace.

The Vision 

To be the primary catalyst for security analysis and facilitator for sector governance, civil-military relations, development, human rights, peace, the rule of law, conflict resolution and democratic governance. 


The Mission 

To transform Liberia into a vibrant and democratic governed state that assures holistic security, peace and human rights for all.

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